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Cozy Aircraft: Your Ticket to Soaring Like a Bird

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Cozy Aircraft: Your Ticket to Soaring Like a Bird.

Have you ever dreamt of soaring through the sky like a bird? Experiencing the breathtaking views and the exhilarating feeling of weightlessness? If so, then you should consider a Cozy Aircraft.

Cozy Aircraft
Cozy Aircraft Image Credit : roughriver

What is a Cozy Aircraft?

A Cozy Aircraft is a type of canard aircraft that is designed for speed, comfort, and fuel efficiency. The Cozy Mark IV is the latest model in the series and is known for its sleek design and high performance. It is a four-seater aircraft that is perfect for short trips and weekend getaways.

These are a type of homebuilt aircraft that are known for their comfort, performance, and affordability. They are often referred to as “sports cars of the sky” because of their sleek design and agile handling. But don’t let the word “homebuilt” fool you – Cozy Aircraft are built to the same strict safety standards as commercially-built aircraft.

What are the benefits of owning a Cozy Aircraft?

There are many benefits to owning a Cozy Aircraft. Here are just a few:

  • Affordability: Cozy Aircraft are much more affordable than commercially-built aircraft. You can purchase a kit for around $20,000 and build it yourself, or you can buy a used aircraft for even less.
  • Performance: Cozy Aircraft are known for their excellent performance. They have a high cruise speed and can climb to impressive altitudes.
  • Comfort: Cozy Aircraft are designed to be comfortable to fly, even for long distances. They have spacious cabins and comfortable seats.
  • Customization: One of the great things about owning a Cozy Aircraft is that you can customize it to your own preferences. There are many different aftermarket parts and accessories available, so you can make your Cozy truly unique.

Are Cozy Aircraft safe?

Cozy are subject to the same safety standards as commercially built planes of similar size. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all home-built planes to be inspected annually for airworthiness, just like commercial aircraft 1According to aeronautical engineer Marc Zeitlin, who consults with the National Transportation Safety Board on crash investigations involving Cozy aircraft, Cozy aircraft have a good safety record and are as safe as commercially built planes of similar size

How do I get started with Cozy Aircraft?

If you’re interested in learning more about Cozy, there are a few things you can do:

  • Visit the Cozy Aircraft website: The Cozy Aircraft website is a great resource for information about Cozy Aircraft. You can learn about the different models, find builders, and even purchase plans and kits.
  • Join a Cozy Aircraft club: There are many Cozy Aircraft clubs around the world. These clubs are a great way to meet other Cozy owners and learn from their experience.
  • Take a flying lesson: If you’ve never flown in a small aircraft before, I highly recommend taking a flying lesson. This will give you a chance to experience the joy of flying firsthand.

Design and development

The aircraft is primarily made of fiberglass, foam, and epoxy. The nose and wing tips are formed using urethane foam which is highly curved and hand-carved. The wing cores are made of blue rigid styrofoam cut with a hot wire saw. The fuselage sides and bulkheads are made of thin PVC foam sheets. The surface strength of the composite sandwich is provided by two types of woven fiberglassRA7715 fiberglass is almost entirely unidirectional in its fiber orientation, while RA7725 has an equal portion of perpendicular fiberglass strands. The epoxy systems used include EZ-Poxy, Safe-T-Poxy, MGS L285 and L335, and West Systems.

The builder does not require pre-fabricated items to finish the aircraft except for the landing gear bow and nose gear strut which require forms and an oven for post curing. However, several suppliers exist for these parts.

The recommended engine for the aircraft is the Lycoming O-360 with a power output of 180 hp (134 kW). However, a variety of powerplants ranging from 160 to 220 hp (119 to 164 kW) have been used. One installation uses two Suzuki 1600 automobile engines driving two concentric contrarotating propellers.

Cost comparison with other small aircrafts

Regarding the price range of Cozy aircraft, building a Cozy from plans takes approximately 2,500 hours and costs around $18,000 to build the airframe 23. This includes purchasing some pre-fabricated parts which would be difficult for an unskilled builder to make himself, such as cowlings, canopy, landing gear struts, engine mount, manual or electric nose-gear retract mechanism, and other parts which require machining or welding. It does not include the cost of an engine, or expensive instruments and avionics 2.

There are many small aircraft models available in the market. Some of the popular ones are:

Cessna 172: This is a single-engine, four-seater aircraft that is widely used for flight training and personal use. It has a maximum speed of 131 knots and a range of 640 nautical miles1.

Cessna 172
Cessna 172 image credit Cessna

Piper M350: This is a single-engine, six-seater aircraft that is known for its speed and performance. It has a maximum speed of 213 knots and a range of 1,343 nautical miles2.

Piper M350
Piper M350 Image Credit Piper

Beechcraft King Air 350i: This is a twin-engine, nine-seater aircraft that is often used for business travel. It has a maximum speed of 312 knots and a range of 1,806 nautical miles3

Beechcraft 350
Beechcraft 350 image Credit Textron Aviation

Cost of Small Aircrafts

the price of a brand new Cessna 172 Skyhawk is $359,000 in 2023 for the base model. A second-hand Cessna 172 Skyhawk costs approximately $49,000 to $235,000 (aged from 1958 to 2001) 1.

The price of a brand new Piper M350 ranges from $1.2 to $1.5 million depending on how many addons you have. Used prices vary wildly, but are generally in the $1 to $1.3 million range when in mint or near-mint condition 23.

The Beechcraft King Air 350i is a more expensive aircraft, with a used price range of $4.1 to $4.9 million for models between 2010 and 2015, and a new price range of $6.2 to $7.1 million for a 2020 model

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