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The Scoop on Unilever’s Ice Cream Business

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Unilever’s Bold Move: Spinning Off Ice Cream Business to Boost Profits

London, March 20, 2024 — In a strategic maneuver that sent shockwaves through the business world, Unilever, the multinational consumer goods giant, announced today that it will be parting ways with its beloved ice cream division. The decision comes as the company seeks to streamline operations, cut costs, and ignite growth. (Source AP)

Unilever’s Ice Cream Business

Unilever, the mastermind behind iconic brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, and Vaseline, has decided to spin off its ice cream arm. The frosty venture, which includes Magnum bars, has long been a crowd-pleaser, but Unilever believes it’s time for a solo act. Why? Well, it turns out that ice cream has “distinct characteristics” that set it apart from the rest of Unilever’s portfolio. By granting it separate ownership, Unilever aims to unleash its full potential and accelerate growth. The split is slated to be finalized by the end of next year.

Unilever’s Ice Cream Business
Unilever’s Ice Cream Business

Chilly Job Cuts and a Productivity Program

But that’s not all. Unilever is also wielding the axe (pun intended) on jobs. Approximately 7,500 positions, mostly office-based, are on the chopping block. The company’s new “productivity program” aims to trim the fat, enhance efficiency, and avoid duplication. With an eye on the bottom line, Unilever anticipates saving a cool 800 million euros ($867 million) over the next three years. It’s a bold move, but one that Unilever hopes will pay off.

The Stock Exchange Tango

As news of the ice cream spin-off and job cuts hit the wires, Unilever’s stock price did a little jig. Shares leaped more than 3% in late-morning trading on the London Stock Exchange. Investors, who’ve weathered a rocky year, seem cautiously optimistic. Richard Hunter, head of markets for interactive investor, summed it up: “The share price bounce goes some way in reversing what has been a difficult last year, as investors have fretted over a company with limited high growth prospects and in need of streamlining despite its reputation as a solid defensive play.”

Ben & Jerry’s: The Socially Conscious Scoop

Now, let’s talk about the elephant (or should we say, the chunky monkey?) in the room: Ben & Jerry’s. The socially conscious ice cream brand has been a thorn in Unilever’s side at times. Its activism and outspoken stances have occasionally clashed with the corporate behemoth. But analysts suggest that this split could be a win-win. By distancing itself from Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever may find smoother sailing ahead. After all, sometimes a little separation can lead to sweet results.

Unilever’s Ice Cream Business: Ben & Jerry’s
Unilever’s Ice Cream Business: Ben & Jerry’s

A Melting Forecast

Unilever’s post-split game plan? Target mid-single-digit sales growth. In 2022, sales volume dipped 3.6% after hefty price hikes across its brands. But Unilever learned its lesson and dialed back the price increases last year (just 2.8%), resulting in a 1.8% sales boost. As the ice cream business ventures out on its own, Unilever hopes to scoop up success.

Stay tuned for more updates as Unilever’s frosty adventure unfolds. Whether it’s a rocky road or a smooth vanilla, one thing’s for sure: The ice cream landscape is about to get a whole lot more interesting. 🍦🌟

Some other Famous Brands under Unilever

Unilever is a global powerhouse with an impressive portfolio of brands that touch our lives every day. Let’s explore some of these household names across various categories:

Ben & Jerry's
  1. Ben & Jerry’s: Known for their peace, love, and ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s has delighted taste buds worldwide with its creative flavors and commitment to social causes.
  1. Comfort: Long Live Clothes! Comfort specializes in fabric softeners, making laundry days a little more delightful.
  1. Domestos: On a mission to win the war against unsafe sanitation and poor hygiene, Domestos ensures cleaner homes and healthier lives.
  1. Dove: Dove’s mission is to make a positive experience of beauty accessible to all. Their skin and hair care products promote self-confidence and inclusivity.
Hellmann's and Best Foods
  1. Hellmann’s: Hellmann’s stands firmly on the side of food. Their mayonnaise and spreads have graced sandwiches and salads for generations.
  1. Knorr: Reinventing Food for Humanity, Knorr offers flavorful seasonings, sauces, and pasta pots that elevate home-cooked meals.
  1. Lifebuoy: Helping parents ensure their kids fall ill less often, Lifebuoy focuses on hygiene and health.
  1. LUX: Inspiring women to rise above everyday sexist judgments, LUX celebrates beauty and femininity unapologetically.
  1. Magnum: True to pleasure, Magnum’s premium ice cream bars are a delightful indulgence.
  1. OMO (Persil): Dirt Is Good! OMO’s laundry detergents keep clothes fresh and clean.
  1. Rexona (Sure): It won’t let you down! Rexona’s deodorants provide reliable protection.
  1. Sunsilk: Opening Up Possibilities For Girls Everywhere, Sunsilk offers hair care solutions.
Some other Lever Brands Image Credit: Richarddivine

These are just a few of Unilever’s purposeful brands. They span beauty, personal care, home care, nutrition, and even the sweet world of ice cream. Unilever’s commitment to creating a better world shines through each of these products. 🌎✨

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