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Samsung Galaxy S24: More AI, More Power, More Possibilities

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Samsung Galaxy S24: More AI, More Power, More Possibilities. The future of smartphones is here, and it’s packed with intelligent wizardry. The Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup arrives not just with cutting-edge specs, but a revolutionary AI makeover that redefines what your phone can do. Buckle up, tech enthusiasts, because we’re about to dive into the exciting world of the Galaxy S24!

Samsung Galaxy S24
Samsung Galaxy S24 Image Credit Samsung

AI Your Way to Fluent Conversations: Imagine breaking language barriers in real-time. The Galaxy S24 makes it possible with a built-in live translation feature for phone calls, supporting a whopping 13 languages and 17 dialects. No more fumbling with translation apps – chat seamlessly with anyone, anywhere.

Search Smarter, Not Harder: Tired of typing out lengthy queries? Circle To Search, powered by Google, changes the game. Simply trace any text, image, or video snippet with your finger or stylus and instantly access relevant search results. Finding information has never been faster or more intuitive.

Three Sizes, Endless Possibilities: Choose your perfect fit with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24. The Ultra boasts a premium titanium design, a blazing-fast 5x optical zoom camera, and a dazzlingly bright 2,600-nit display. The Plus offers a sweet spot of powerful performance and QHD+ screen, while the S24 packs flagship features in a budget-friendly package.

Investing in Innovation: The Galaxy S24 lineup reflects Samsung’s commitment to democratizing AI. Starting at $800 (with the Ultra at $1,300), these phones bring cutting-edge technology to a wider audience. And with pre-orders starting January 31st, 2024, the future is just a tap away. Site Builder

Samsung Galaxy S24: Beyond Specs, Beyond Limits

The Galaxy S24 isn’t just a phone; it’s a portal to a world of intelligent possibilities. From effortless communication to intuitive search, Samsung is pushing the boundaries of what smartphones can do. This is more than an upgrade – it’s a glimpse into the future, where AI empowers you to unleash your potential without barriers.

Ready to experience the next chapter of mobile technology? Pre-order your Galaxy S24 today and #BeSmarter with Samsung!

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Circle to Search
Samsung Galaxy S24 Circle to Search Image Credit Samsung

“Revolutionizing everyday encounters, Galaxy AI ushers in a future where communication knows no barriers, creativity reaches unparalleled heights, and the potential for endless possibilities expands. Samsung Electronics introduced the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 today, ushering in a new era of mobile experiences powered by Galaxy AI. The S series takes the lead in reshaping the landscape of user empowerment on mobile devices, as AI enhances nearly every facet of the Galaxy S24 series. This includes facilitating seamless communication through intelligent text and call translations, unlocking boundless creative expression with Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine, and redefining search standards for Galaxy users, transforming how they explore the world.

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience (MX) Business at Samsung Electronics, commented, “The Galaxy S24 series revolutionizes our interaction with the world and sparks a new decade of mobile innovation. Galaxy AI is rooted in our legacy of innovation and a profound understanding of how people use their phones. We eagerly anticipate witnessing users worldwide elevate their everyday lives with Galaxy AI, opening up new realms of possibilities.”

Transform Everyday Experiences into Extraordinary Moments

Galaxy AI introduces purposeful intelligence designed to elevate every aspect of life, with a particular focus on enhancing the core function of the phone: communication. The Galaxy S24 simplifies the process of overcoming language barriers, making it more accessible than ever before. Engage in conversations with fellow students or colleagues from different countries, make reservations while vacationing abroad – all made effortless with Live Translate. This feature offers two-way, real-time voice and text translations for phone calls directly within the native app, eliminating the need for third-party applications and ensuring the privacy of conversations through on-device AI.

Live Translations on Samsung S24

With Interpreter, live conversations can be instantly translated on a split-screen view, allowing individuals facing each other to read a text transcription of the spoken words. This functionality operates seamlessly even without cellular data or Wi-Fi.

For messaging and various apps, Chat Assist fine-tunes conversational tones, ensuring that communication reflects its intended meaning – be it a polite message to a coworker or a succinct and catchy phrase for a social media caption. The AI integrated into Samsung Keyboard also provides real-time translation of messages in 13 languages. While on the road, Android Auto automatically summarizes incoming messages and suggests relevant replies and actions, such as sharing your estimated time of arrival, enabling users to stay connected while maintaining focus on driving.

Note Assist on Samsung S24

Organization receives a substantial enhancement with Note Assist in Samsung Notes, offering AI-generated summaries, streamlined note-taking with pre-made templates, and cover creation for easy identification of notes through brief previews. Transcript Assist for voice recordings, especially those with multiple speakers, utilizes AI and Speech-to-Text technology to transcribe, summarize, and even translate recordings.

Communication is not the only realm where the Galaxy S24 series propels the fundamental benefits of the phone into the future. Online search, a transformative aspect of modern life, reaches a milestone with the Galaxy S24 as the first phone to introduce the intuitive, gesture-driven Circle to Search feature with Google. By collaborating with the global search leader, Google, Galaxy provides users with a powerful new tool for discovery. A simple long press on the home button allows users to circle, highlight, scribble on, or tap anything on the Galaxy S24’s screen to receive helpful, high-quality search results. This seamless integration enables users to explore further without leaving their current app, whether investigating a landmark in a friend’s social media post or delving into a fascinating fact on YouTube Shorts. Additionally, depending on the user’s location, generative AI-powered overviews can offer context and information from across the web for specific searches, allowing users to pose more intricate and nuanced questions. It’s effortlessly easy and truly remarkable.

Unleash Your Imagination to Explore the World in Fresh Perspectives

Samsung Galaxy S24AI editing tools
Samsung Galaxy S24AI editing tools Image Credit Samsung

The ProVisual Engine9 of the Galaxy S24 series is an all-encompassing set of AI-driven tools that revolutionizes the capabilities of capturing images and enhances creative expression at every stage, from framing a shot to sharing it on social platforms. Bid farewell to blurry and pixelated images taken from a distance. The Quad Tele System of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, featuring a new 5x optical zoom lens, collaborates with the 50MP sensor to deliver optical-grade performance at various zoom levels, ranging from 2x, 3x, 5x to an impressive 10×10 magnification, thanks to the Adaptive Pixel Sensor. Additionally, images maintain exceptional clarity even at 100x with improved digital zoom capabilities.

With enhanced Nightography features, photos and videos captured using the Galaxy S24’s Space Zoom excel in any lighting condition, even when zoomed in. The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s larger pixel size, now at 1.4 μm and 60% larger11 than the previous model, allows for the capture of more light in low-light conditions. The Galaxy S24 Ultra further reduces blur with wider optical image stabilizer (OIS) angles and improved hand-shake compensation. During video recording, both front and rear cameras are equipped with a Dedicated ISP Block for noise reduction, and the Galaxy S24 analyzes gyro information to differentiate between the filmer’s movements and the subject’s. This innovative approach enables more effective noise removal, resulting in clear videos even in low-light conditions and from a considerable distance.

Edit Suggestions

After capturing stunning shots, the innovative editing tools powered by Galaxy AI facilitate effortless adjustments such as erasing, recomposing, and remastering. For a more convenient and efficient enhancement process, Edit Suggestion12 leverages Galaxy AI to propose well-suited tweaks for each photo. Providing users with enhanced creative authority and flexibility, Generative Edit13 can use generative AI to fill in parts of an image background. In instances where a photo is askew, the AI automatically fills in the borders, and if an object needs slight repositioning for the perfect composition, users can adjust the subject’s position while the AI seamlessly generates a harmonious background in its original location. Whenever the Galaxy S24 employs generative AI to enhance an image, a watermark is visibly displayed on the image and in the metadata. Additionally, for action-packed videos that require a slower pace, the new Instant Slow-mo can generate additional frames based on movements, resulting in a smooth deceleration of dynamic moments for a more detailed and immersive viewing experience.

“To ensure each image captivates at every phase, Super HDR provides realistic previews before the shutter is even activated. While capturing memories is a vital phone function, sharing those memories with the world holds equal significance. Presently, third-party social apps maximize the potential of Galaxy’s AI-powered camera system. Notably, premium camera features of the Galaxy S series seamlessly integrate with mobile apps in HDR, elevating the quality of social sharing.14 When locating an image in the Gallery or scrolling through an Instagram feed and reels, photos and videos are displayed in Super HDR, offering a more lifelike spectrum of brightness, color, and contrast by analyzing highlighted sections of the images.

Galaxy’s most intelligent experience to date, driven by top-tier performance, is essential as AI assumes a more integral role in daily life. Whether it’s gaming, intensive video recording and editing, or multitasking across various apps to plan a trip, the Galaxy S24 delivers an exceptional experience through enhancements in its chipset,15 display, and beyond. Each Galaxy S24 Ultra features the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy,16 optimized specifically for Galaxy users, providing notable improvements in NPU efficiency for highly effective AI processing. Across all three Galaxy S24 models, adaptive refresh rates ranging from 1 to 120 Hz contribute to improved performance efficiency.

Optimal Thermal Control

Galaxy gaming experiences are enhanced with both hardware and software improvements. The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts an optimal thermal control system with a vapor chamber 1.9 times larger,17 enhancing device surface temperature while maximizing sustained performance power. Ray tracing technology delivers lifelike visuals with superior shadow and reflection effects. Collaborating with leading gaming partners in the industry, Galaxy S24 allows users to enjoy more optimized versions of popular global mobile games.

Visuals are more vibrant and captivating than ever on the brightest Galaxy display to date.18 The Galaxy S24 achieves a peak brightness of 2,600 nits and enhances outdoor visibility with Vision Booster.”

Samsung Galaxy S24 reaches 2,600nit peak brightness and delivers improved outdoor visibility with Vision Booster
Samsung Galaxy S24 reaches 2,600nit peak brightness and delivers improved outdoor visibility with Vision Booster Image Credit Samsung

To ensure superior durability against everyday scratches, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display incorporates optically enhanced Corning® Gorilla® Armor19, which significantly reduces reflections by up to 75% in various lighting conditions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable viewing experience.

Design enhancements across the Galaxy S24 series, featuring slimmer bezels, facilitate a more immersive viewing experience and enable larger screen sizes on the Galaxy S24+ (6.7-inch) and Galaxy S24 (6.2-inch) displays within nearly the same size specifications.20 The Galaxy S24 Ultra, with a 6.8-inch flat display, is optimized not only for viewing but also for productivity. Moreover, the Galaxy S24+ now supports the same QHD+ resolution as the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

In terms of security and privacy, the Galaxy S24 is fortified by Samsung Knox, a defense-grade, multi-layer security platform that protects against vulnerabilities with end-to-end secure hardware, real-time threat detection, and collaborative protection. Samsung prioritizes user choice and control over their device, offering Advanced Intelligence settings that grant users full control over how much data is used to enhance AI experiences, allowing the disabling of online data processing for AI features.21 The Knox Matrix22 vision of a secure, connected, and password-less future is advanced with passkeys, providing convenient and secure access to registered websites and apps across trusted devices through digital credentials.

Samsung and Google Cloud Join Forces to Bring Samsung S24
Samsung and Google Cloud Join Forces to Bring Samsung S24

The Galaxy S24 continues Samsung’s environmental efforts, incorporating recycled materials such as plastics, glass, aluminum, cobalt, and rare earth elements in its design. The Galaxy S24 Ultra features a battery with a minimum of 50% recycled cobalt,25 and speakers with 100% recycled rare earth elements.26 The Galaxy S24 series is the first to include recycled steel and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) in its design, contributing to a reduced environmental impact. Each Galaxy S24 is packaged in a box made from 100% recycled paper material.

Samsung commits to extending the product lifecycle by offering seven generations of OS upgrades and seven years of security updates.28 The Galaxy S24 is UL ECOLOGO® certified29 and has its carbon footprint measured and verified by The Carbon Trust.30 It aligns with Samsung’s environmental roadmap, with a new goal to incorporate at least one recycled material in every module32 of every mobile product by 2030.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out with a titanium frame,33 enhancing device durability and longevity. Its thinner body ensures a more comfortable grip for on-the-go experiences. The streamlined One-mass design of the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 achieves a seamless connection between the rear cover and side frame. The Earth mineral-inspired color tones add an elegant touch, with colors34 including Titanium Gray, Titanium Black, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Yellow for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and Onyx Black, Marble Gray, Cobalt Violet, and Amber Yellow for the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24. Additional colors are available online only for all three models.

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