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Elon Musk brings out Optimus – the terrific humanoid robot

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Elon Musk brings out Optimus – the terrific humanoid robot. The Tesla CEO unveiled the “Optimus” prototype at Tesla’s 2022 AI Day presentation that shares some AI software and sensors with the Autopilot driver assistance technologies seen in Tesla vehicles.

Elon Musk brings out Optimus

Tesla CEO Elon Musk debuted his much-touted humanoid robot “Optimus” on Friday at the electric vehicle maker’s “AI Day” event.

The billionaire has stated that a robot business will be worth more than its automobiles, with the hope of expanding beyond self-driving vehicles, which, despite his repeated pledges, have yet to become a reality.

A robot prototype walked onto the stage and waved to the sitting crowd. A video was presented of the robot carrying a package, watering plants, and moving metal bars in the automobile facility.

Humanoid robots are now “missing a brain,” according to Musk because they lack the intelligence to traverse the environment on their own, and they are also very expensive and produced in small quantities.

Optimus, on the other hand, would be a “competent robot” that would be manufactured in large quantities – eventually, millions of units – and would cost far less than a car, at less than $20,000, he added. Source: The Guardian

Optimus Humanoid Robot
Optimus Humanoid Robot

Optimus – the terrific humanoid robot

According to Musk, at first, Optimus, a reference to the powerful and benign commander of the Autobots in the Transformers media property, would undertake monotonous or dangerous tasks such as transporting parts around Tesla plants or connecting a bolt to a car with a wrench.

Musk has stated that in the future, robots may be used in households to prepare meals, mow the lawn, care for the elderly, and even serve as a “buddy” or sex partner for humans.

This prototype, according to Musk, can do more than what was demonstrated live, but “the first time it operated without a tether was today on stage.” Musk anticipated a price of “probably less than $20,000” and subsequently noted in a Q&A session that Tesla is particularly excellent at building the AI and actuators required for robotics based on its experience making drive units for electric cars. Musk stated that this would assist it in getting capable robots into production and would begin by testing them within its factories.

He asserted that the distinction between Tesla’s design and other “quite amazing humanoid robot demonstrations” is that Tesla’s Optimus is designed for mass manufacturing in “millions” of units and is extremely capable.

Tesla Optimus Robot – First Look

Tesla Optimus First Look

Elon Musk brings out Optimus – Technology on Optimus

It comes with a 2.3kWh battery pack, a Tesla SoC, and Wi-Fi and LTE connection. Demonstrations focusing on the robot’s joints, such as its hands, wrists, or knees, demonstrated how they processed data for each joint, then looked for common regions in each design to create a way employing only six separate actuators. Engineers say the human-like hands are a “Biologically Inspired Design” that will allow them to pick up things of diverse shapes and sizes, carry a 20-point bag, and have a “precise grip” on small pieces.

The Autopilot software from Tesla’s automobiles was transferred to the bot and retooled to work in the new body and environment. Tesla motion captured people performing everyday chores like lifting a box. Source: The Verge

Optimus Technology
Optimus Technology

Other Humanoids

Honda Motor Co, Hyundai Motor Co, and Boston Dynamics have been working on humanoid robots for decades.

Hyundai DAL-e

Hyundai DAL-e Humanoid Robot
Hyundai DAL-e Humanoid Robot

‘DAL-e’ is an AI-powered automated robot that provides bespoke customer services at an HMG showroom, with plans to expand into other operating environments. DAL-e has language processing, facial recognition, and automated mobility capabilities for seamless wall-to-wall services in a Covid-19 situation.

The pilot operation begins at a Hyundai Motor store in Seoul, with the goal of further optimizing, updating, and improving the vehicle.

The acronym DAL-e stands for “Drive you, Assist you, Link with you-experience.” The DAL-e, designed to pave the way for the future of automated customer care, is outfitted with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology for facial recognition as well as an automatic communication system based on a language-comprehension platform. Source: Hyundai

Boston Dynamics Humanoid Robot

In 2021, Boston Dynamics released a dancing robot. According to Boston Dynamics founder and chairperson Marc Raibert, our objective is to strive to push the boundaries of what robots can achieve, both in terms of research and practical applications.

And I believe that when people see what new things robots can achieve. The advanced Atlas robot uses a variety of sensors to perform the dance moves, including 28 actuators (devices that act as muscles by converting electronic or physical signals into movement), a gyroscope to help it balance, and three quad-core onboard computers, one of which processes perception signals and the other two of which control movement. Source: AP

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot
Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot

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