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Apple’s new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset

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Apple’s new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Apple has released a statement introducing their latest innovation, Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset . This groundbreaking spatial computer seamlessly merges digital content with the physical world, enabling users to remain present and connected to others. With Vision Pro, users can explore an expansive canvas for apps that extends beyond the limitations of a conventional display. The device introduces a fully three-dimensional user interface that responds to the most natural and instinctive inputs available—users’ eyes, hands, and voice. Powered by visionOS, the world’s first spatial operating system, Vision Pro enables users to interact with digital content in a manner that feels tangibly present within their environment. The remarkable design of Vision Pro encompasses an ultra-high-resolution display system, boasting an impressive 23 million pixels spread across two screens. It incorporates custom Apple silicon within a distinct dual-chip design, ensuring that every experience unfolds seamlessly before the user’s eyes in real time.

“Today signifies the dawn of a new era in computing,” expressed Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. “Just as the Mac introduced us to the world of personal computing, and the iPhone revolutionized mobile computing, Apple Vision Pro now ushers in the age of spatial computing. Built on the foundation of Apple’s decades-long innovation, Vision Pro is years ahead of its time and unlike anything that has ever been created before. It features a groundbreaking input system and thousands of innovative advancements, delivering incredible experiences for our users and opening up exciting new possibilities for our developers.”

Mike Rockwell, Vice President of the Technology Development Group at Apple, commented, “Developing our first spatial computer necessitated innovation across every aspect of the system. By tightly integrating hardware and software, we have designed a compact wearable spatial computer that stands as the most advanced personal electronics device ever created.”

Apple's new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset
Apple’s new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset – Extraordinary New Experiences

Apple Vision Pro offers unparalleled and extraordinary experiences, transforming the landscape of personal computing by revolutionizing user interactions with beloved apps, capturing and reliving memories, immersing in captivating TV shows and movies, and fostering connections through FaceTime.

Introducing an infinite canvas for apps, visionOS presents a three-dimensional interface that liberates apps from the confines of traditional displays. This enables apps to seamlessly coexist side by side, regardless of scale. With Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset , users can enhance their productivity with limitless screen space, access to favorite apps, and innovative multitasking capabilities. Furthermore, with support for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, users can effortlessly establish an optimal workspace or effortlessly extend the powerful features of their Mac wirelessly to Vision Pro, resulting in an expansive, private, and portable 4K display with astonishingly sharp text rendering.

Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset –Spatial Computing

Delivering captivating and immersive entertainment experiences, Apple Vision Pro unveils a remarkable ability to convert any environment into a personal movie theater. With its two ultra-high-resolution displays, the device creates a screen sensation that expands to a staggering 100 feet in width. Complemented by an advanced Spatial Audio system, users can indulge in watching movies and TV shows that come to life with incredible realism. Additionally, Apple Immersive Video introduces an array of 180-degree high-resolution recordings accompanied by Spatial Audio, offering users access to a captivating collection of immersive videos that transport them to entirely new realms.

Through the power of spatial computing, Apple Vision Pro introduces a whole new realm of gaming possibilities. Users can immerse themselves in games that span the spectrum of engagement, captivating players with unprecedented levels of immersion and transporting them to unexplored worlds. Furthermore, Vision Pro enables users to enjoy over 100 Apple Arcade games on a screen size of their choosing, accompanied by astonishingly immersive audio and support for popular game controllers.

Apple's new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset
Apple’s new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Immersive Environments, Vibrant Memories, Spatial FaceTime

Immersive Environments: With the introduction of Environments, users can transcend the boundaries of physical rooms and immerse themselves in dynamic and visually stunning landscapes. These virtual environments provide a means to enhance focus or declutter busy spaces. By simply twisting the Digital Crown, users have control over the level of presence and immersion within the environment.

Vibrant Memories: Equipped with Apple’s first-ever three-dimensional camera, Apple Vision Pro empowers users to capture, relive, and immerse themselves in cherished memories accompanied by Spatial Audio. Each spatial photo and video has the remarkable ability to transport users back in time, evoking the feelings of joy from a gathering with friends or the warmth of a special family event. Users can conveniently access their complete photo library on iCloud, allowing them to view their photos and videos in life-size scale, adorned with brilliant colors and breathtaking details. Every panoramic shot taken on an iPhone envelops the user, creating an immersive sensation as if they were standing precisely where the photo was captured.

Spatial FaceTime: With Apple Vision Pro, FaceTime calls take on a whole new dimension, utilizing the surrounding space to create a lifelike experience. Participants on the call are reflected in life-size tiles, and Spatial Audio adds to the realism by simulating the natural positioning of each participant’s voice. Users wearing Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset during a FaceTime call see themselves represented as a Persona—a digital embodiment crafted using Apple’s cutting-edge machine learning techniques. The Persona mirrors the user’s facial expressions and hand movements in real time. This opens up opportunities for shared activities during FaceTime calls, such as watching a movie together, browsing through photos, or collaborating on a presentation.

Expanded App Experiences, A Revolutionary Operating System

Expanded App Experiences: Apple Vision Pro introduces an entirely new App Store, providing users with a plethora of app options and content from developers. Users can explore hundreds of thousands of familiar iPhone and iPad apps that seamlessly adapt to and enhance the new input system of Vision Pro. These apps work flawlessly with the device, offering a wide range of engaging experiences. Apple’s dedicated developer community can go even further by leveraging the unique capabilities of Vision Pro and visionOS to create innovative and immersive app experiences, reimagining existing applications for the realm of spatial computing.

A Revolutionary Operating System and User Interface: Leveraging the extensive engineering expertise behind macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, visionOS was purposefully designed to meet the demanding low-latency requirements of spatial computing. The outcome is a groundbreaking operating system that delivers powerful spatial experiences, harnessing the space surrounding the user to unlock new possibilities both at work and at home.

At the core of visionOS lies a cutting-edge three-dimensional interface that seamlessly integrates digital content into the user’s physical world, creating a sense of presence. By dynamically responding to natural light and casting shadows, the interface aids in comprehending scale and distance. To enable seamless navigation and interaction with spatial content, Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset introduces an entirely new input system controlled by the user’s eyes, hands, and voice. Users can effortlessly browse through apps by simply directing their gaze, tap their fingers for selection, scroll with a flick of the wrist, or utilize voice commands for dictation purposes.

Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset –Breakthrough Design

EyeSight, an impressive innovation integrated into Apple Vision Pro, revolutionizes the way users connect with their surroundings. When someone approaches a user wearing Vision Pro, the device intelligently becomes transparent, allowing the user to see the person while also displaying the user’s eyes. This feature provides a unique visual interaction, conveying the user’s focus when immersed in an environment or using an app.

Breakthrough Design: Apple Vision Pro builds upon Apple’s legacy of innovation and expertise in crafting exceptional products like Mac, iPhone, and wearables such as Apple Watch. It represents the pinnacle of personal electronics devices, incorporating state-of-the-art materials to achieve ambitious goals in performance, mobility, and comfort.

Remarkably, Apple Vision Pro houses an array of advanced technology within its compact design. A single piece of three-dimensionally formed and laminated glass is meticulously polished, serving as an optical surface that acts as a lens for the various cameras and sensors required to seamlessly merge the physical and digital realms. The glass smoothly transitions into a custom aluminum alloy frame that elegantly contours around the user’s face. The modular system ensures a tailored fit, accommodating a diverse range of individuals. The Light Seal, made from a soft textile, is available in different shapes and sizes, flexibly conforming to the user’s face for a precise and comfortable fit. Flexible straps keep the audio components close to the user’s ears, while the Head Band, knitted as a single three-dimensional piece, offers cushioning, breathability, and stretchability. The band is easily secured with a simple mechanism, allowing for effortless interchangeability with different sizes or styles.

Apple's new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset
Apple’s new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Unmatched Hardware Innovation

Unmatched Hardware Innovation: Apple Vision Pro sets a new standard in compact wearable devices, delivering exceptional computing power. Its revolutionary design combines an Apple silicon chip with an extraordinary ultra-high-resolution display system. Utilizing micro-OLED technology, Vision Pro efficiently incorporates 23 million pixels into two displays, each the size of a postage stamp, with wide color support and high dynamic range. This technological breakthrough, combined with custom catadioptric lenses, ensures astonishing sharpness and clarity, resulting in awe-inspiring experiences. Users with vision correction requirements can utilize ZEISS Optical Inserts for precise visual fidelity and accurate eye tracking. To enrich the overall experience, Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset integrates an advanced Spatial Audio system that immerses users in a sound environment, providing an authentic auditory experience that matches their surroundings. With two individually amplified drivers inside each audio pod, Personalized Spatial Audio adapts to the user’s head and ear geometry. Additionally, the high-performance eye tracking system employs high-speed cameras and LED projections to capture precise and intuitive input, seamlessly integrating with the overall experience.

These groundbreaking innovations are powered by Apple silicon in a unique dual-chip design. The M2 chip delivers unparalleled standalone performance, while the newly developed R1 chip handles input processing from a remarkable array of 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones. This ensures that content appears in real time, right in front of the user’s eyes. The R1 chip achieves remarkable speed, streaming new images to the displays within a mere 12 milliseconds—eight times faster than the blink of an eye. Apple Vision Pro is designed for all-day usage when connected to a power source and provides up to two hours of usage with its external, high-performance battery.

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Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset –Privacy and Security

Leading the Industry in Privacy and Security: Apple Vision Pro prioritizes user privacy and security, ensuring individuals have full control over their data. Introducing Optic ID, an advanced and secure authentication system that utilizes invisible LED light exposures to analyze a user’s iris. This information is then compared to the encrypted Optic ID data stored in the Secure Enclave, allowing for instant unlocking of Apple Vision Pro. Crucially, a user’s Optic ID data is fully encrypted, inaccessible to apps, and never transmitted to Apple servers. It remains securely stored on the user’s device at all times.

Respecting user privacy, Apple Vision Pro safeguards the confidentiality of where a user directs their gaze while navigating the device. Eye tracking information is never shared with Apple, third-party apps, or websites. Moreover, the camera and sensor data undergo processing at the system level, ensuring that individual apps do not have access to a user’s immediate surroundings unless necessary for spatial experiences. EyeSight also includes a visual indicator that clearly notifies others when a user is capturing a spatial photo or video, promoting transparency and consent.

Apple's new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset
Apple’s new Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality Headset –Price and Release Details

The starting price for Apple Vision Pro is $3,499 (U.S.), and it is set to launch in the early months of the upcoming year. Initially, it will be available for purchase on and at Apple Store outlets within the United States, followed by availability in more countries later in the year. Customers will have the opportunity to explore, test, and customize their Vision Pro experience at Apple Store locations.

Source: Apple Inc.

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