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Airlander 10 Airship – Air Nostrum becomes the first to order

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Airlander-10 Airship Air Nostrum becomes the first to order . Air Nostrum, a Spanish airline, became the first airline to order the Airlander -10 zero-emission aircraft, or Airship, as it is called.

With this historic agreement, Air Nostrum will serve as the hybrid Airlander-10 airship’s launch customer.  Air Nostrum Lineas Aereas is a Spanish regional airline.

Air Nostrum becomes the first to order Airlander-10 Airship – HAV Media Release

Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), a UK-based leader in sustainable aircraft technologies, today announces an aircraft reservation agreement with one of the largest regional airlines in Europe, Air NostrumGroup, for HAV’s pioneering hybrid aircraft – Airlander 10

The landmark partnership sees Air Nostrum Group reserve ten 100-seat Airlander 10 aircraft for delivery from 2026 onwards, with a view to begin operations as a launch airline.

While the Air Nostrum Airlander 10 fleet is set for initial operations across Spain, HAV plans to launch production of the aircraft in South Yorkshire UK, this year, creating thousands of skilled jobs in green aerospace technologies and supporting leveling up across the region.

Air Nostrum becomes  the first to order Airlander-10 Airship
Air Nostrum becomes the first to order Airlander-10 Airship

Hybridairvehicles (HAV) -the company that makes Airlander-10 Airship

Hybridairvehicles (HAV), the company that makes the Airlander-10, started in 2014. Their vision was ‘”We are the future of zero-carbon aviation. Sustainability is no longer simply a nice to have. It is a global imperative. ” Airlander is, by its very nature, good at being green. It creates efficiency through technology. But we can, and will, do more.

After 3 years of work and over 500 modifications, they made their first test flight. On August 17, 2016, Airlander 10 successfully completed its first flight from the UK. For HAV, this 30-minute flight was a significant breakthrough. They have made many test flights since then.

Despite making considerable progress in creating an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for a range of applications, concrete orders were difficult to come by. Finally, they got their first customer three weeks ago. (29 June 2022). The deliveries will start in 2026. Thus, Air Nostrum becomes the first to order the Airlander-10 Airship.

A close look at the Gigantic Airlander takeoff and landing

Is the Airlander-10 a zero-emission aircraft?

The Airlander-10 is currently powered by four 500-hp turbocharged diesel engines that drive the electrical generators.

The goal of Hybrid Air Vehicles is to create the first emission-free aircraft with its Airlander 10 airship. This change will occur gradually.

U.S.-based Collins Aerospace has revealed that it has created an electric motor for the Airlander-10 airship.

As quoted by Simpleflying, Marc Holme, Senior Director of Electronic Controls and Motor Systems at Collins Aerospace says,

“With a goal of becoming the world’s first zero-emission aircraft, Airlander 10 is blazing a trail in the development of sustainable electric propulsion systems. Collins is working closely with Hybrid Air Vehicles and the University of Nottingham to turn this goal into a reality, while at the same time developing new technologies that will advance the aviation industry’s efforts to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

In 2026, the two forward engines of Airlander-10 will be replaced by Colins electric motors, turning it into a hybrid airship. The rear engines will also be replaced with Collins electric motors by 2030, making it an all-electric airship.

Competitors in the Market

Lockheed Martin P-791 Hybrid Air Vehicle

In 2006, Lockheed Martin completed a subscale prototype flight after more than 20 years of design effort..

The flight control system and an air cushion landing system (ACLS) that secures the airship to the ground safely using hovercraft technology distinguish Lockheed Martin’s LMH-1 concept from HAV’s Airlander in some significant ways.

Lockheed Martin, it is reliably learned, has given up trying.

General Specifications of Airlander-10

It can fly for up to five days, has a range of 7,400 km, a top speed of about 85 mph, and can transport up to 100 passengers.

It has a 300-foot-long fabric hull filled with helium that provides around 60% of the lift.

The business has in the past provided descriptions of variants for high-end travel, civil and military goods, and surveillance. Air Nostrom orders are for a model that can transport 100 passengers.

The production model will be fitted with sizable airbags that expand for landing and deflate during flight. With Air Nostrum, HAV states that it has started investigating new operating locations, such as waterfronts and greenfield sites.

According to Eric Cunningham, vice president of electric power systems at Collins Aerospace, the goal power density for the 2,000 RPM is nine kilowatts per kilogram. “These motors’ size and power density make a significant impact. Currently, aircraft motors have a maximum output of about 70kW; Collins engines will start at 500kW, which is a different level of power. (source: aerospacetestinginternational)

Interior of Airlander-10

Youtube Video from Design Q who will be designing the interior of Airlander 10

CNN Travel elaborates more on the interior. (Quote CNN)

“It may not have the most attractive exterior, but it seems the Airlander 10 — currently the world’s longest aircraft — will more than make up for this on the inside.

Known as the “flying bum” due to its rather unusual shape, the hybrid helium airship built by Hybrid Air Vehicles is to feature an interior to rival that of a luxury hotel or cruise liner.

With its 46-meter-long cabin boasting plush en suite bedrooms, an on-board “altitude” bar, and glass flooring that provides horizon-to-horizon views, the curvaceous craft will provide an opulent flying experience to those lucky (and wealthy) enough to travel on board.

The impressive design plans, developed in collaboration with design consultancy Design Q, were unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow in July.”

Goodyear Blimp

Just a Trivia. Have you ever seen a similar-looking object circling in the air with the sign Goodyear?

It is a blimp used by Goodyear Tires for Advertising/Brand Promotion. Cambridge Dictionary defines a blimp as a large aircraft without wings, consisting of a large bag filled with gas that is lighter than air and driven by engines.

For those who are curious, a video on youtube with a rare look inside the Blimp

Goodyear Blimp

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