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Free ebook

Win A Free ebook

Win a valuable ebook, “Building the Business Brain” for free.

Free ebook - Building the Business Brain
Free ebook – Building the Business Brain

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Win a Free ebook – Building the Business Brain

Some Excerpts from the book,

Excerpt -1

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you think much differently. Essentially the buck stops (and begins) with you. You’re responsible for the success and failure of your endeavor. And you are the one who makes all the huge decisions (including who to designate littler decisions to!).

To discover if you’re thinking like an employee or an entrepreneur, take this fast quiz:

  • Do you confine your tasks/responsibilities to a subset of what is required for your business to flourish?
  • Do you base your life-style on your revenue?
  • If a money setback happens, do you shrink your budget to adapt to the reduction in revenue?
  • Do you constantly seek outside advice to make even daily decisions?

If you responded “yes” to most of these queries, chances are you’ve an employee mentality. Here’s why those with an entrepreneur mentality would answer “no.”

Excerpt -2

There are a lot of employees who are longing to be their own boss, yet are fearsome of what the future may hold if they were business owners. I would like to advise that if you’re among those individuals, you’d do well to become a great employee first! I spent a lot of years as an employee and was constantly found to be a model employee.

My entrepreneur bosses constantly gave me high evaluations. In going over the list of employee mentalities, I can frankly tell you that I didn’t have those mentalities. I was a great employee!

If you have a want to be on your own one day, going after your dreams as an entrepreneur, you are able to begin now. Approach your occupation as though you owned the company where you work.

Bearing that ownership spirit will reward you on the job and ready you for the day when you are able to pursue your own business. You are able to be an entrepreneur while you’re still working. Having this spirit will excite you to go after your own endeavors when you’re not on your employer’s time clock.

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