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SpaceX Stock Price – This is How to Buy

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SpaceX Stock Price – This is How to Buy. Because SpaceX is still a private company, you cannot buy SpaceX stock at this time. Its stock is not traded on any stock exchanges.

This means that you won’t be able to buy SpaceX stock – at least not directly.

Elon Musk, a few public companies, and numerous private equity firms currently own SpaceX privately.

However, there may be an indirect way to invest in SpaceX.


SpaceX Stock – Buying Indirectly

Although SpaceX is not listed you can buy stock in one of the listed companies who holds shares in SpaceX.

At present there are only two such companies.

However, both Bank of America and Alphabet (Google) have substantial businesses, of which their investment in SpaceX is a minor component. Before purchasing their stock, you should conduct extensive research into their entire business.

You can also invest in companies that may be SpaceX’s partners or suppliers. Listed below are the partners and suppliers of SpaceX

SpaceX Stock Estimated Value

SpaceX Stock Price. The Estimated Value of SpaceX stands at US$ 127 Billion as at 2022. Find below a Valuation chart from twitter.

SpaceX Stock Value
SpaceX Stock Value

The FCC has given SpaceX permission to begin deploying up to 7,500 next-generation Starlink satellites.

The Federal Communications Commission granted Elon Musk’s SpaceX a critical authorization on Thursday, allowing the company to proceed with the launch of up to 7,500 next-generation satellites in its Starlink internet network.

The FCC stated in its order, “Our action will allow SpaceX to begin deployment of Gen 2 Starlink.”

The FCC denied SpaceX’s entire application, which included the deployment of nearly 30,000 satellites in low Earth orbit, and imposed conditions on the company’s plan to deploy the satellites. It postponed the decision to launch the full number of applications.

In order to “address concerns about orbital debris and space safety,” the FCC imposed a limit on the number of satellites in SpaceX’s second-generation Starlink constellation, also known as Gen2.

To protect science missions and radioastronomy, SpaceX must also coordinate with other satellite operators, as well as NASA and the National Science Foundation.

The FCC’s decision is critical to SpaceX’s plans to expand its satellite network, which have been hotly contested in regulatory filings by companies such as Viasat, DISH, and Amazon.

SpaceX has launched approximately 3,500 first-generation Starlink satellites into orbit to date. As of June, the service had approximately 500,000 subscribers. Starlink’s product offerings have also steadily expanded, with the company now selling services to residential, business, RV, maritime, and aviation customers.

Source: CNBC

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