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Fisker Ocean EV – Everything you need to know about Landmark Fisker.

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Fisker Ocean EV – Everything you need to know about Landmark Fisker. Fisker Ocean, The new crossover SUV boasts a cutting-edge look, cutting-edge technology, and a feature set to compete with Tesla and other EVs.

Fisker Ocean EV Vs Tesla

Compared to the Fisker Ocean EV, the Tela’s rear is similarly well-sculpted, and has slim rear light clusters, and even dips The surprise lies up top, where there is a solar panel.

With an integrated solar panel, the Fisker Ocean may travel up to an additional 1500–2000 miles per year, 31 miles per week, or 125 miles per month, on solar power alone.

The Fisker has a few strategies up its sleeve to perhaps set it apart from competitors; not all of them are ground-breaking concepts, but the emphasis on relative cost undoubtedly is.

A truly inexpensive SUV crossover could be the answer, as the majority of EVs are still prohibitively expensive. However, Fisker isn’t just hedging their bets on price, as prices may alter by the time the Ocean crossover hits the market.

Anyhow, a rumored $40,000 entry-level price would be less expensive than the Tesla Model Y’s range of $60,000–$70,000.

In contrast to the perhaps drab cabin of the Tesla Model Y, the interior of the Ocean is decorated with a variety of textiles and trims, some of which are recycled or sustainable. In general, the design is simple, utilitarian, and attractive. Source:

Fisker Ocean and Tesla Y
Fisker Ocean and Tesla Y

About Fisker

Henrik Fisker and his wife, Geeta Gupta-Fisker, started the American electric vehicle manufacturer Fisker Inc. Fisker Inc., founded in 2016 and headquartered in Southern California, is the company that replaced Fisker Automotive, which built the Fisker Karma.

The most aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly electric vehicles have ever been created by California-based Fisker Inc., which is transforming the automobile sector. The company is on a quest to become the top supplier of e-mobility services with the greenest vehicles in the world because it is passionately motivated by the vision of a clean future for everyone.

Fisker Inc. is a passionate innovator of the world’s most sustainable electric automobiles and cutting-edge mobility solutions. The all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV will be on display at the 2022 Oslo Motor Show from October 28 to 30, 2022.

In Fisker’s words, “Fisker’s mission is to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicles.” We believe if given the choice of a beautifully designed vehicle, people will embrace their power to create change toward clean mobility. “Design, sustainability, and innovation are the DNA of every vehicle Fisker creates.

Fisker Ronin
Fisker Ronin

Fisker Ocean

The all-electric Fisker Ocean zero-emission SUV is ready to disrupt the automotive world with its beautiful craftsmanship, ingenious engineering, innovation, affordability, and sustainability. its emphasis on sleek and modern design shines through its dramatic sculptures exterior and aggressive stance, comparing a daring sports car dynamic with a durable and configurable SUV. The super clean and luxurious interior is loaded with exciting features. Its outstanding range of up to 350 miles (630 km) will move you beautifully and cleanly through your world.

It stops you in your tracks. The contours, proportions, and lines flow together in perfect harmony, designed to spark that moment when your heart beats a little faster.

The Ocean comes with Fisker’s revolutionary 17.1″ rotating central touchscreen.

Henrik Fisker with Fisker Ocean EV
Henrik Fisker with Fisker Ocean EV

has three trim levels

  • Extreme
  • Ultra
  • Sport

equipped with various driving modes

  • Earth — standard on all trim levels
  • Fun — standard on all trim levels
  • Hyper—standard on Ultra, Extreme, and Ocean One trim levels
  • Off-Rood — standard on Extreme and Ocean One trim levels
  • Snow/ice — standard on all trim levels

Other Specifications of Fisker Ocean EV.

  • Seating for 5
  • App as Key
  • PowerBank system
  • PowerShare vehicle-to-vehicle charging PowerHouse vehicle-to-home capability External Power Outlet
  • Over The Air (OTA) capability to deliver product updates
  • Great White with gloss finish exterior Black Abyss Interior Trim
  • 20” F7 AeroStealth alloy wheels with recycled material wheel covers
  • Digital Interior Rear View Mirror
  • Tilt & Telescoping Steering — Power
  • LED Headlights and Taillights
  • See Me Signal — high-mounted rear indicator Power Liftgate
Henrik Fisker about Fisker Ocean

California Mode – Now streaming fresh Air

Push a button and eight glass panels open simultaneously to transform a versatile SUV into a coastline-crushing convertible. With the exclusive California mode, you can drop the front windows, both rear seat windows, both doggie windows, and the rear liftgate window while opening the solar sky roof at the same time.

Power Bank

The Fisker EV movement brings more than clean mobility. The power bank system accesses your Fisker oceans battery as a multifunction mobile power source.

The powerhouse bidirectional onboard charger uses the battery as an emergency power source to run your entire home for up to seven days. In a time of more frequent weather-related emergencies, installing this backup power can keep your home running during power outages.

Powershare connects your Fisker ocean charging port to another EV to give a fellow EV owner an emergency boost.

An external power outlet lets you power appliances, electronics, and more until long after the sun goes down.

Park My Car

Unparalleled parking technology scans the parking area using ultrasonic sensors and cameras to help you find a correct-sized spot. Then the Fisker Ocean automatically parks itself, either parallel to the curb or at an angle to it. It can spot obstacles in your path, such as pedestrians, poles, and other cars, and automatically apply the brakes.

Fisker Digital Radar System

In November 2022, the Fisker Ocean will be the world’s first vehicle to bring ground-breaking digital radar technology to market.

  • Sees into darkened and contained roadway spaces, like tunnels and bridges
  • Improved detection of smaller vehicles in traffic (like a motorcycle between two trucks)
  • Improved “separation” of pedestrians from objects behind them
  • Better detection of low-lying objects on the road
  • Driver Monitoring Camera – One camera module, mounted in-cabin on A-Pillar. Monitors driver drowsiness and attention

Fisker Intelligent Pilot features

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) — Standard Alerts and, if needed, decelerates vehicle in situations when the Ocean is in danger of Frontal collision with another vehicle, a cyclist, or a pedestrian
  • Blind Spot Monitoring Alerts the driver if there is a vehicle in the Ocean’s blind spot on either side or fast approaching into it
  • Front and Side Collision Warning Warning stage of Automatic Emergency Braking: Ocean acts after it detects a collision threat with another vehicle by issuing multi-stage visual and audible alerts. At the last stage warnings, Ocean pre-conditions brakes to support the driver in avoiding collision threat
  • Lane Keep Assist Helps drivers prevent accidents from unintended lane departures by gently bringing the Ocean back to the lane.
  • Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance Helps to prevent accidents from lane departures when a potential threat or road edge is present by turning the steering wheel to bring the Ocean back into the lane
  • Traffic Sign/Light Recognition Using the Front Camera Module recognizes all kinds of traffic signs and traffic lights.
  • Intelligent Speed Assist Helps the driver not exceed the speed limit identified by Navigation System and Traffic Sign Recognition and alerts the driver when the speed limit is being exceeded and helps the driver to slow down.
  • Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning Using the Driver Monitoring Camera in the vehicle interior alerts the driver when the system detects the driver‘s diminished attentiveness and drowsiness.
  • Door Opening Incident Warning An alert feature that warns the driver and passengers as they exit the parked vehicle of approaching cars, motorcycles, and bicycles that may pass close by from behind.
  • Fisker EV Warranty
CategoryTermsYears/ MileageYears/ Kilometers
Basic Warrantyyears/miles or kmsd / 60,000 milesd / 100,000 km
Powertrain Warrantyyears/miles or kms10/100,000 miles10/100,000 km
Battery Warrantyyears/miles or kms / % state of health10/100,000 miles/ 75%10/100,000 km / 75%
Corrosionyears/miles or kms10 / Unlimited mileage12 / Unlimited km
Roadsideyears/miles or kmsd / b0,000 milesd /100,000 km
Fisker EV Warranty

Source: Fisker Ocean European Reveal Press Kit

Fisker Pear

Fisker Pear
Fisker Pear

The ambitious people at Fisker have unveiled a second, more compact SUV called the Pear before the company’s Ocean SUV has even gone on sale. Although it makes us shudder to know that the name stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution rather than the sweet, luscious fruit, we still anticipate it to be stylish and have a respectable range.

Fisker will be able to continue working on its two other ideas, the stunning four-door convertible sports vehicle called the Ronin and the company’s budget-friendly model called the $29,900 If the Frisker Ocean does deliver and finds a sweet spot with purchasers. Source:

In spite of its alluringly cheap beginning price, the Pear will be a whole new moniker for the budding Fisker company when it debuts in 2024. We anticipate seeing some ingenious technical features and sophisticated styling on the tiny SUV. Source: caranddriver

Agile urban EVs like the Fisker PEAR are what cities of the future will use for personal, inexpensive, sustainable transportation.

The Fisker PEAR is an electric vehicle designed for young urban innovators and global citizens and was conceptualized as a mobility gadget rather than a traditional car. With a futuristic, minimalist design that defies categorization into any existing market niche, it combines sustainability, technology, and design. Future-proof features on the Fisker PEAR EV provide intuitive control and sporty driving. It is intelligent and digitally connected.

Fisker entering Indian Market

According to Reuters, American startup Fisker Inc may start producing its automobiles in India within a few years and will start selling its Ocean electric sport-utility vehicle (SUV) there in July 2023.

Only 1% of India’s 3 million yearly automobile sales are electric cars at the moment; this glacial change is partially due to a lack of charging stations and high battery prices.

The government is providing businesses with billions of dollars in incentives to produce their EVs and related parts domestically since it intends to raise this share to 30% by 2030.

Tesla, a competitor of Fisker, put off ambitions to enter India after failing to obtain a reduced import duty for its vehicles. Similar to Fisker, it sought to import cars to gauge demand before committing to domestic production.

The company is considering producing the smaller, five-seater PEAR in India, but not before 2026.
According to Fisker, at least 30,000 to 40,000 automobiles would need to be produced annually in order to establish manufacturing in India.
He did not explicitly address the amount of investment the business felt was required, but he did state that it would probably cost $800 million to build a plant in India with a production capacity of 50,000 cars annually.

Magna International and Fisker have a contract manufacturing agreement under which Magna will build the Ocean in its Austrian facility and send it to India. Additionally, it has a contract with Foxconn to construct the PEAR. Source: Reuters

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