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BYD Seagull EV – cheapest new energy vehicle

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BYD Seagull EV – cheapest new energy vehicle. BYD’s latest electric vehicle, called the seagull, was unveiled at the Shanghai auto show and has caught the attention of visitors not for its appearance or features, but for its exceptionally low price.

BYD Seagull EV
BYD Seagull EV Image Credit:Carnewschina

The seagull will be sold for just USD 11,300, which is about half the price of other new energy vehicles on the market. The hatchback is available in two range versions of 305 to 405 kilometers and has a fast charging system that can reach 80% charge in just 30 minutes. It is powered by a lithium iron phosphate BYD Blade Battery.

This pricing strategy is a game-changer for the electric vehicle market and is likely to appeal to a wide range of consumers in both developed and developing countries. Chinese automakers like BYD are increasingly looking to expand their exports with their competitive domestic pricing.

BYD has introduced the Seagull, an affordable electric hatchback as part of their Ocean series, during the 2023 Shanghai Automobile Exhibition. The vehicle has already begun pre-sales, and within 24 hours of the press conference, BYD reported receiving 10,000 orders.

The Seagull utilizes the e-platform 3.0 and provides two battery alternatives. The initial choice is a 30 kWh BYD LFP battery, which can travel up to 305 km CLTC. The second option is a 38 kWh BYD LFP battery with a range of 405 km CLTC. Both battery choices are equipped with DC fast charging technology, enabling the Seagull to charge up to 80% within just 30 minutes.

The Seagull is equipped with a 55 kW (75 hp) motor, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h. Its dimensions are 3780/1715/1540 mm, and it has a wheelbase of 2500 mm. The Seagull comes in a 4-seater, 5-door configuration.

BYD Seagull EV aims to crack market for cheap EVs

The interior of the Seagull is fitted with a 5-inch instrument cluster and a 12.8-inch infotainment system. The steering wheel has a flat bottom and a wireless charging pad, along with two cup holders for convenience.

The Seagull is positioned below the BYD Dolphin hatchback, which has a higher price point in China, ranging from 116,800 to 136,800 RMB (16,700 to 19,600 USD). The BYD Dolphin is currently the best-selling car in China within this size range, selling 20,000 to 30,000 units per month.

The Seagull faces competition from the Wuling Bingo, which was designed by the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture. The Wuling Bingo is slightly larger than the Seagull and is equipped with a 50 kW motor, offering a range of 333 km CLTC for a price of 59,800 RMB (8,700 USD).

Source: Carnewschina

China’s growing electric vehicle market has seen a surge in sales. While major auto companies like Toyota and Volkswagen, as well as American EV makers such as Tesla, were on display at the Shanghai Auto Show, the bright yellow BYD Seagull reportedly stole the show, according to Reuters. Chinese automakers are working to address high EV prices and capture the lower end of the market with models such as the Wuling Mini EV and the BYD Dolphin.

The Seagull, which joins China’s affordable EV lineup, could become the country’s best-selling EV within six months of its launch, according to analysts. Despite the Tesla Model 3’s domestic production, it starts at ¥229,900 in China, which is about $33,384. This is nearly three times the price of the Seagull, making it a potential competitor for Tesla in the Chinese market. It is not clear if BYD plans to export the Seagull to Europe or the US, where even the cheapest EVs like the Chevy Bolt cost twice as much as the Seagull.

BYD is the world’s largest EV car-maker in 2022 – it beats Tesla

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