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Bitcoin Breaks Records Fueled by U.K.’s Approval of Crypto ETNs

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U.K.’s Approval of Crypto ETNs


Bitcoin has shattered records once again, reaching an all-time high of $72,000. This surge coincides with a groundbreaking decision by the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to allow investment platforms to list crypto-linked exchange-traded notes (ETNs). Let’s explore the details of this development and its impact on the cryptocurrency market.

U.K. Embraces Crypto with Crypto ETNs

U.K. Embraces Crypto with Crypto ETNs
U.K. Embraces Crypto with Crypto ETNs

In a landmark move, the FCA announced its approval for crypto-linked ETNs on investment exchanges. However, these products are restricted to professional investors like investment firms and credit institutions within the regulated financial market. The FCA prioritizes robust controls to safeguard orderly trading and protect these investors. Retail investors are currently ineligible due to perceived risks associated with crypto derivatives.

Bitcoin’s meteoric Rise

Bitcoin’s ascent to $72,000 is nothing short of phenomenal. Just a week ago, it surpassed its previous record of $69,191.95, signifying a bullish crypto market. Several factors have fueled this surge:

  • U.K. Regulatory Approval for Crypto ETNs: The FCA’s green light for crypto-linked ETNs has instilled fresh optimism. Institutional investors view these instruments as a gateway to Bitcoin exposure without directly holding the cryptocurrency.
  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US: Earlier this year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These ETFs enable investors to trade Bitcoin with reduced risk, attracting new capital to the crypto space.
  • Anticipation of the Bitcoin Halving: Bitcoin enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming halving event, expected next month. This programmed event, occurring roughly every four years, reduces the reward for Bitcoin miners who validate transactions. The reward will be cut in half, from 6.25 Bitcoin to 3.125 Bitcoin. This scarcity mechanism aims to control inflation and ultimately caps Bitcoin’s total supply at 21 million.

Understanding Crypto ETNs

Understanding Crypto ETNs
Understanding Crypto ETNs

It’s crucial to differentiate between ETNs and ETFs, although both are investment vehicles:

  • Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs): These are unsecured debt obligations issued by banks. By investing in an ETN, you hold a promise from the issuer to track the performance of an underlying asset, such as Bitcoin in this case. ETNs don’t directly hold the asset but rather mimic its price movements.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): ETFs are baskets of assets (stocks, bonds, commodities) that trade on exchanges like stocks. Bitcoin ETFs, for example, would directly hold Bitcoin, allowing investors to participate in its price fluctuations.

Bitcoin Breaks Records Fueled by U.K.’s Approval of Crypto ETNs (Source: NBC News)

Bitcoin soared to a new all-time high above $72,000, buoyed by a landmark decision from the U.K.’s financial regulator, according to NBC News [Source:]. This move follows similar regulatory changes in the U.S., where the SEC recently approved the first-ever spot Bitcoin ETFs.

U.K. Opens the Door to Crypto ETNs

U.K. Opens the Door to Crypto ETNs
U.K. Opens the Door to Crypto ETNs

The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced it would no longer object to applications from recognized investment exchanges seeking to create a market for crypto-backed exchange-traded notes (ETNs) [Source:]. However, there’s a crucial caveat: these ETNs are only accessible to professional investors. Retail investors remain excluded due to concerns about the risks associated with cryptocurrency derivatives.

Bitcoin Rallies on Regulatory Optimism

The news sparked a surge in Bitcoin’s price, which climbed over 3% to a record high of $72,211.51 before retreating slightly. This positive sentiment likely stems from the expectation that increased institutional investment, facilitated by crypto ETNs, will bolster the cryptocurrency market.

Key Points to Remember

  • The FCA’s approval is limited to professional investors.
  • Retail investors are still barred from purchasing crypto-linked ETNs due to perceived risks.
  • Bitcoin bulls believe this move will attract more institutional capital and potentially drive prices higher.
  • Unlike ETFs that hold the underlying asset, ETNs are unsecured debt obligations that track the price of Bitcoin.

Looking Ahead

The U.K.’s regulatory shift, coupled with the recent launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S., paints a promising picture for the future of cryptocurrency. However, it’s important to remember that the FCA continues to emphasize the inherent risks associated with cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin’s upward trajectory underscores the dynamism and surprises inherent in the crypto landscape. The U.K.’s regulatory shift and the impending halving event add another layer of intrigue to this captivating story. Regardless of whether Bitcoin’s rally continues or undergoes corrections, one thing is certain: the crypto world is here to stay, brimming with excitement.

Stay informed! We’ll continue to provide updates as we navigate this exhilarating journey through the digital frontier.

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